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# flower.py -- python flower lib
# source file of the GNU LilyPond music typesetter
# (c) 1997 Han-Wen Nienhuys <hanwen@stack.nl>

import sys
from string import *

00014 class File:
    """silly wrapper for Python file object."""
    def __init__ (self,nm, mode='r'):
      if nm:
          self.file_ = open (nm, mode);
      elif mode == 'w':
          self.file_ = sys.stdout
          self.file_ = sys.stdin
      self.eof_ = 0;
    def readline (self):
      l=  self.file_.readline ();
      if not l:
          self.eof_ = 1;
      return l;
    def write (self, str):
      self.file_.write (str)
    def eof (self):
      return self.eof_
    def close (self):
      self.file_.close ()
    def __del__ (self):
      self.close ();

import fnmatch
import os

_debug = 0

_prune = ['(*)']

def my_find(patterns, dir = os.curdir):
        list = []
        names = os.listdir(dir)
        for name in names:
                if name in (os.curdir, os.pardir):
                fullname = os.path.join(dir, name)
            for pat in patterns:
                if fnmatch.fnmatch(name, pat):
                if os.path.isdir(fullname) and not os.path.islink(fullname):
                        for p in _prune:
                                if fnmatch.fnmatch(name, p):
                                        if _debug: print "skip", `fullname`
                                if _debug: print "descend into", `fullname`
                        found = my_find(patterns, fullname)
                        if found:
                            list = list + found
        return list

def multiple_find(pats, dirnames):
    from find import find
    l = []
    for d in dirnames:
      l = l + my_find(pats,  d)
    return l

def file_exist_b(name):
      f = open(name)
    except IOError:
      return 0
    f.close ()
    return 1

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