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#include "yodl2html-post.h"
#include "libc-extension.h"
#include "lib.h"

init ()
  error_setprogname ("yodl2html-post");         /* for error msgs */

  tocfname = xstrdup (fname); /*file for table of cont */
  tocfname = str_concat (tocfname, ".toc");
  tocf = open_file (tocfname, "w");

  /* table of files to remove */
  tempfiles = strtab_add (tempfiles, &ntempfiles, tocfname);

  inputfile = xstrdup (fname);      /* new input file */
  inputfile = str_concat (inputfile, ".in");

  if (rename (fname, inputfile))
    error ("cannot rename %s to %s: %s",
         fname, inputfile, strerror (errno));

  yyin = open_file (inputfile, "r");

  outf = open_file (fname, "w");    /* output file */
  curfile = xstrdup (fname);
  curbase = xstrdup (basename (fname));

  tempfiles = strtab_add (tempfiles, &ntempfiles, inputfile);

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